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Call "Computer Onsite Support" for professional help when there's a problem

  • PC Repair and Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Installation/Upgrade
  • Software Installation/Upgrade
  • Home and Small Business Network Installation, Setup and Troubleshooting
  • DSL and Cable Installation Verizon DSL requirements Here's how DSL Works
  • Virus and Firewall Protection
  • Customized built PC (Outstanding Prices)

We come right to your office and perform as much servicing of your computers and network onsite as is prudent. We also ensure that anything that requires offsite repair, gets picked up from your office, repaired, brought back, and then reconnected and set up again. We also ensure that it all works before we leave again.

To request this service call Computer Onsite Support and request On-Site Support.
During the course of repairing the clients problem, all communication and problem documentation will saved for future reference. Upon completion of the service, the consultant will verbally and in writing indicate the number of hours it took to complete the project, as well as detail the cause of the issue (if known). ( Check our Service Contract rates for details )


( Here's our Rate for those with out service contract )

Standard Onsite Repair/upgrade Labor (1/2 hour minimum) $110/hour
RUSH REPAIR $130/hour
Minimum Inspection Fee* $45

Online Remote Support $70/hour
Network Install/troubleshooting/repair $110/hour
Data Transfer (1 hour minimum) $70/hour
Software Install** (1 hour minimum) $70/hour
On Site Repair/Upgrade*** (1 hour minimum) $110/hour
*Inspection fee is included in repair cost; charged separately
only when no repair is authorized.

**Licensed software only.

All repairs are covered under a minimum 30-day labor and 90-day parts warranty, or as specified by the manufacturer. Computer On-site Repair & Installation recommends regular data backup and assume no responsibility for lost data. Prices do not include parts. Prices subject to change.
Vendor Warranty and Maintenance Information

Vendor Warranty

Vendor warranties provided by the hardware manufacturer vary in length of time and what they cover; however, all warranties are limited to problems associated with the actual hardware. In other words, if we do not replace a part from a service call, the expense is not covered under the warranty.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts are not available from Computer Repair & Installation at present.

Turnaround time for repairs

Carry-in: Our standard turnaround time for diagnosis is 2-4 days, which may vary with repair volume. If parts need to be ordered for the repair, the repair will require additional time. We operate on a first come first serve basis.

Rush repair requests will have priority. Rush repairs will be completed within 36 hours of pick up otherwise standard rates will apply.

*** On-site service: A technician will be on-site to diagnose the equipment in 1-2 days from the day the call is placed. Repairs that need to be brought in-house and repairs for which parts need to be ordered will require additional time for completion.

At any point in this process, the client may stop the service. If a consultant goes on-site, a fee of no less than $55.00 will be charged for the first half hour.

We're your best choice and NOT your worse fears.


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