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P. O. Box 2034 Brockton MA 02305-2035

 Phone # 508-583-1616 Fax# 617-419-1089

Program Pricing

1.       Pricing for work outside of Maintenance Agreement

Service Time

With a Maintenance Agreement

Without a Maintenance Agreement

Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM

$110.00 per hour

$130.00 per hour

After-hours & Saturdays

$130.00 per hour

$150.00 per hour

Sundays & Holidays

$150.00 per hour

$170.00 per hour

Trip Charges: Any work which requires a technical dispatch to the customer site will incur a trip charge of $110.00 (per trip) and a minimum of one billable hour (per trip).


Tel: 508.583.1616

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